Hey There, I'm Brad!

Welcome to this page, and to the Power UP Program.

Since we may not know each other, if you did know me you’d know this:

  1. I’ve been actively into sports and movement since the age of 4.
  2. I was put into therapy and pharmaceutical drugs from the age of 7 until 21 because of ADHD, OCD, Anxiety disorder and more….
  3. Testing my body’s capabilities through strength & flexibility gave me meaning, understanding, and joy about the way my brain “works” and how to handle and accept the pressure of "being a kid with disorders"
  4. Yoga, Psychology, & Coaching are my methods for my own daily self work , and those I teach.
  5. I've dreamt of changing people's lives since being a child, because I knew i wanted to positively change mine.  Moving one step at a time through movement and mindset practices became this for me.

The Power UP program is one of these practices.

Welcome To Power UP 5.0


Your 8-Week Strength & Flexibility Yoga Program!


Optimizing Movement & Mindset Habits For Busy People

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Companies That I Work With 

The Program

8 weeks and over 20 in-depth Yoga Classes!


Integration (Flow)


Stability (Core + Flexibility)


Capability (Mobility)


The Reset (Breath)


Resilience (Strength) 


Creating Space (Twists & Bends) 


The Power of Slow (Slow Flow) 


Potential (Strength & Flexibility) 

The Core of the Program


Balancing between a systematic approach and a playful approach to bring out the strongest you possible. Repetition & Joy is the mother of skill.


Lengthening our muscles & increasing our bodies abilities through playful movements and systematic full-range of motion training.


Breathwork, Meditation, and Professional Coaching embedded into a powerful movement practice.

The Pricing

Dates: October 12 - December 4th.

Tuesday Thursday Classes: 7-8pm (Berlin Time Zone)
Saturday Classes: 10-11am (Berlin Time Zone)



Top features

  • Get access to 3 complete yoga classes with brad 

  • 3 high quality yoga classes (1h)
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Top features

  • 16 classes - 2 classes per week
  • Tuesday & Thursday Recordings Only (60 min. each)
  • Access to Facebook Group
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Most Popular

  • 24 Classes - 3 per Week
  • Tuesday & Thursday Live Classes (60 min. each)
  • Saturday Strong Flow Live Class (60 min. each)
  • All Class Recordings Included 
  • 2 Tutorial Classes (60 min. each)
  • 2 Member Community Chats 
  • Access to Facebook Group
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Top features

  • 24 Classes - 3 per Week
  • Tuesday & Thursday Live Classes (60 min. each)
  • Saturday Strong Flow Live Class (60 min. each)
  • All Class Recordings Included 
  • 2 Tutorial Classes (60 min. each)
  • 2 Member Community Chat 
  • Access to Facebook Group
  • 3 x 1:1 Private session via zoom (45 min.)
  • WhatsApp Support
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Every Product Comes With Bonus Content:

  • "Build Your Handstand" Recording (75 min.)
  • "Build Your Splits" Recording (75 min. )
  • 4 x Resilient Mornings Videos
  • 1 x Calisthenics routine Video
  • 1 x Better Sleep Routine Video

Success Stories!


I've learned that with patience and constant practice, I can achieve a lot. It's just great to see how you build strength and flexibility. The program strengthened me, and not just physically. For me, success is like a boost of energy, which is why I am happy about every step forward, no matter how small ...


Highlight: getting more flexible; I loved that you gave various options, that the poses change, that you explain the different poses, the fact that we are all live and you have the possibility to correct us, that you include savasana and the meditation in the beginning, the tutorial session was great. I learned to pay attention to my breath. Even though it is still not perfect and I often forget to breathe.


I would like to say how much I enjoy my yoga practice with Brad. Each class is energising yet totally calming, and there’s always something new to learn. I learned a lot about what is good for my body and what is not. Adding elements of strength, mobility and flexibility has totally changed my movement routine. I love practicing where and when I want. Thank you Brad for this great experience


During this program, I had the opportunity to better understand my mind and body and to learn how I can improve its strength and flexibility. Each of us has parts of the body that feel weaker than others, but thanks to Brad's interactive classes, I've managed to overcome some of my fears and trust my shoulders more, which have always been a weak part of me! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and making yoga so special!



I love that I feel my body getting stronger and more flexible, while the effects of regularly practicing yoga also calm my mind and allow me to better focus. I look at both at building blocks to the resilience I needed in getting through this pandemic while having a demanding job.



I definitly loved most that I got to know my body better and got to know the benefit of conscious movements. Most importantly I found strength after my injury and gained my flexibility back. Also I am not the typical meditation typ of person, through Brad I learned a new approach and was able to establish a meditation routine from which I benefit highly. He is definitely one of the most professional yoga teachers that I got to know and I would recommend this program to every person that wants to improve there body and mindset!



I feel so very happy having joined the POWER UP programs starting in January 2021. I have learned so much about my body and about how I move. Learning to move more precisely and slower has been a wonderful challenge and I found joy in trying to do certain movements even slower. A few weeks ago I was surprised by how much stronger I am now in comparison to the beginning of the year and that has been a confidence boost. I love the classes and our wonderful community, it doesn't feel like I am alone in my room and doing yoga just by myself but actually like we are all practicing together. I am really excited to continue this journey!



The highlight of this Program is definitly the teacher, Brad. He is such a positive, caring person- you always gives you the feeling to be really seen. And talking about seeing: even if its an online/remote program: he is so attentive, watches your movements so carefully- that you get immediate support by him, if you need to. For me, as a bloody beginner: this is a brilliant learning situation. Talking about beginner-Level: Because Brad is so supportive and you can ask him questions any time, I was able to do this class, even as a beginner. That made me really proud and encouraged me to go on. What I learned? To trust my body and how much breath can influence our movements&strengt. What I gained? A much deeper connection to my self, less pain in my shoulders, happieness and encouragement, a more charmingly posture (after yoga class, Im not "just" walking- I'm floating! :) )


Brad´s Certifications

More than 5,000 hours teaching experience
Train the trainer/teacher certification
Bachelor’s degree of Psychology from Chapman University
Master practitioner certification in NLP (Neuro-LInguistic Programming)

What To Bring

Yoga Mat 


Yoga Towel
(optional, if you sweat often) 

(optional for drills or for savasana) 

(optional for drills or for savasana) 

A Curious Mind :)

About Power UP 5.0

Your way to functionally move with greater strength & flexibility, a focused, calm mindset, while minimizing risk for pain & injury.

Imagine a cohesive/holistic 8 week program expanding your movement ability, strengthening your body, and cultivating a more resilient mindset through weekly routine.

By making physical & mental well-being the focus of these 8 weeks you learn how to stay committed to healthy movement habits and routines and stay accountable for you own well-being

In addition, you can be part of a creative, health conscious, trustful community for positive exchange.

You are free to choose to be an active participant in our community or a silent observer, taking the bits and pieces that you wish, and leaving the rest behind.

Our community discussions tend to range from physical movement and body mechanics to professional mindset coaching, to best practice routines and habit hacks.

Either way, you'll have permanent access to a learning rich environment.

I look absolutely forward to being with you on this movement journey the next 8 weeks. Please message me with any and all questions via email at: [email protected]