5 Week - Arm Balance Mastery Program - Online Course

Unlock Your Core Strength: Learn & Master All Popular Arm Balances & Handstands

This program works for all levels. Including beginners!

⭐️⭐️⭐️ These guides, courses & coachings have already led thousands of mindful movers to successful arm balances. The expertise of Brad is trusted by thousands of movers - for 7 years. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Deep flexibility & strength programming
Rotational strength programming 
Handstand skill & arm balance development
Straight arm strength development 
Functional core development

Master the skill of arm balances

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Do you feel?...

Lost, frustrated or uninspired when it comes to your movement practice ? 

Stuck in not knowing how to do arm balances or handstands 

Annoyed searching everywhere to find one place that works on all common arm balances and handstands

like you don’t have a structured approach to consistently nail that arm balance or handstand that you have been wishing to do for ages.

Then You’ve Come To The Right Place! 

When I first began my yoga journey, I was so focused and in love with everything that was a handstand or an arm balance. I traveled to take workshops from the best teachers, played around in every class I could, and regularly traveled to la to practice on the infamous “santa monica greens” 

I had no formula for how to do arm balances and every teacher gave me different techniques, drills, and advice as to the “right way” to do this arm balance or this handstand. 

I was lucky because I spent all my time (which was a lot) practicing every arm balance imaginable, and I jumped into every handstand my wrists could handle.

The more time I spent practicing, the better I got, but that had its limits too… 

An Important note: 

Being a teacher, I find it necessary to share that yoga and arm balances/inversions are not about completing the pose and doing it perfectly, so you can take a nice photo for social media.  

If you are looking to challenge your physical yoga practice and master arm balances and inversions, the journey of learning more about you and how your body moves through each pose is the real mission, rather than how the pose looks

It took a while for me to realise the power of….

Structure! Having a plan of action, and a specific routine for how to do specific poses, over and over again! 

The yoga classes I went to from different teachers ended up not being enough for my practice. Because we didn’t work on specific skills or drills for the poses!  So, I decided to take things into my own hands from what I already knew, and learn things “off the mat” (read: at home). This is where the real transformation began. 

Having a set time and place to work on the specific movements like handstand, crow pose, forearm stand and more, with specific movements on how to do them, helped me progress really fast! 

I did a lot of repetition. I mean, a lot. These kinds of repetitive, structured movement patterns supported the strength and flexibility I needed to master specific poses. 

And once that happened, my body quickly understood what it needed to learn to master the arm balances and inversions that I have brought to this program for you!


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This exclusive offer is only available for a short time.


5 Week - Arm Balance Mastery Program - Online Course

Hi there, I’m Brad 

Yoga & Movement Teacher

Here's a little story about me and my path through yoga:

Since we may not know each other (yet...), if you did know me, you’d know this:

I’ve been actively into sports and movement since the age of 4.

I was put into therapy and pharmaceutical drugs from the age of 7 until 21 because of ADHD, OCD, Anxiety disorder and more….

Testing my body’s capabilities through strength & flexibility gave me meaning, understanding, and joy about the way my brain “works” and how to handle and accept the pressure of "being a kid with disorders"

Yoga, Psychology, & Coaching are my methods for my own daily self work, and those I teach.

I've dreamt of changing people's lives since being a child, because I knew I wanted to positively change mine.  Moving one step at a time through movement and mindset practices gave me the ability to do this. 

The Power UP program is one of these practices that will change the way you view your body, your mind, and your strength and flexibility. 

Should we have the chance to work together, it will be an honor and privilege to move with you. 

Brad is a highly qualified yoga trainer & teaches classes around the world

Brad is the yoga trainer of the 1. Bundesliga football club:  1. FC Cologne

5 Week - Arm Balance Mastery Program - Online Course

Here’s why many people still haven’t “cracked” arm balances yet…. 

Coming from a background in psychology, there is evidence based research that shows when you have “joy” in the things you are doing, you will learn up to 400 times FASTER than when you dislike what you are doing. 

Many people come to see the fancy poses online or in a physical yoga class, but once they put in a little bit of work, they lose the fun, and that is no fun at all!

Almost always, the ones who have the most success with handstands and arm balances are the ones that have the most fun with learning them!


Practice the “right” positions. 

So many times, yoga classes are made to give you a closer mind/body connection through it’s beautiful structure of sun salutations and breath techniques. This DOES NOT necessarily give you the proper fundamentals and techniques for learning specific arm balances and handstands. 
A specific position approach is needed. Example:  Flexibility protocols that open the hips, shoulders, and core, to strength protocols that strengthen the shoulders, legs, and spine to withstand the forces needed to maintain an arm balance.


Mindset & Trust

The famous quote, “whether you think you can, or you can’t, you’re probably right.” Handstands, arm balances, and the like require belief in one’s own unique abilities. Learning to trust in your body’s abilities will always take you one step further, and the drills and skills learned in this program for arm balances and handstands are a great starting point for building a stronger mindset and deeper trust in your body! 


The Power of Repetition! 

Repetition is the “mother” of skill. It is the way that we build what’s called muscle memory, so that our body knows what to do. When we develop muscle memory of a specific movement, the movement literally becomes EASY. That’s why when training arm balances and handstands, we need to practice the repetition of positions, and specific skill based movements so that the brain and body can work together to master such positions! 



How often do you pay attention to your breath? 5 times a day, 10 times a day? More, less? Our breath has the ability to energise us as much as it has the ability to calm us down. Used correctly, we can enhance the strength within our muscles, redirect blood flow to specific muscle groups, and also enhance our flexibility simply through the power of breath. Our relationship to our breath is a HUGE KEY towards cracking arm balances, handstands, and flexibility goals. 



This may be a no-brainer for many of us, but it simply has to be said. When we work on things consistently (read: 3 times per week or more) our body and mind adapts FAST to what it is being taught. Example: imagine dieting for 5 days out of 7 every week for 6 months. At the end of 6 months, you will most likely have changed your body composition, right? But if you only were to diet 1 day a week for 6 months, and the other 6 days, you ate however you liked, how much do you think you would progress? 


Today's Price: €47 EUR

This price is a ONE-TIME-ONLY payment & you get to keep the program FOR LIFE.


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“Consistency is greater than intensity”.
Simply showing up to practice and doing the best we can each day even if that means “going easy” still leads to transformation!

5 Week - Arm Balance Mastery Program - Online Course

That is what my members are saying...

Highlight: getting more flexible; I loved that you gave various options, that the poses change, that you explain the different poses, the fact that we are all live and you have the possibility to correct us, that you include savasana and the meditation in the beginning, the tutorial session was great. I learned to pay attention to my breath. Even though it is still not perfect and I often forget to breathe.


I definitly loved most that I got to know my body better and got to know the benefit of conscious movements. Most importantly I found strength after my injury and gained my flexibility back. Also I am not the typical meditation type of person, through Brad I learned a new approach and was able to establish a meditation routine from which I benefit highly. He is definitely one of the most professional yoga teachers that I got to know and I would recommend this program to every person that wants to improve their body and mindset!


I would like to say how much I enjoy my yoga practice with Brad. Each class is energising yet totally calming, and there’s always something new to learn. I learned a lot about what is good for my body and what is not. Adding elements of strength, mobility and flexibility has totally changed my movement routine. I love practicing where and when I want. Thank you Brad for this great experience


5 Week - Arm Balance Mastery Program - Online Course


All too often people spend their time going for the quick fix, the fast lane approach towards a handstand because it’s something that’s cool, rather than taking a deep dive into the step-by-step building blocks required to sustain your handstand. This is what builds a STRONG FOUNDATION that supports EVERY area of our physicality.

deep flexibility & strength programming

rotational strength programming 

functional core development

handstand skill & arm balance development
straight arm strength development 
foundational strength & flexibility building 

5 Week - Arm Balance Mastery Program - Online Course

I designed this course for you..

This Course is for you if:

You like a challenge! And you like to work on building new movement skills within your body!
You want to practice at your own pace, at your own time, in privacy
You are a student or a teacher looking to build greater strength and flexibility through a movement practice!
You want to learn a specific step-by-step, proven approach towards mastering arm balances and inversions
You want to use this in addition to other training regimens you have (such as fitness, sports, training, etc.) 
You like yoga classes that explore creative movements without the spirituality 
You want to learn arm balances, handstands, and other movement skills

This Course is NOT for you if:

You're seeking a traditional yoga approach towards arm balances and handstand  that includes the spirituality and philosophy of yoga (you won't find this here in my program)
You expect quick fixes and results NOW...
You just want to check out the program but won't put in the work necessary to take better care of your body and health.  
Your only goal is to get a handstand in 5 days and see lasting progress (hint: progress is rooted in consistency)  
You’re going to buy the program but not use it… 

5 Week - Arm Balance Mastery Program - Online Course

What exactly is included in the online coaching:
"Arm Balance Mastery"

Week 1: Foundation Building! 

The Basics

What happens to a house if it doesn’t have a stable foundation to build upon? Well, it falls down!

That’s why the first week of Arm Balance Mastery is about programming our foundational strength and flexibility.

This week involves flexibility training, strength programming, rotational strength (think twists) and core stability/functional movements to create a solid foundation upon which to build arm balances and inversions.

Week 2: Open Facing Arm Balances

Getting used to Arm Balancing

To follow upon week 1, we begin with our “first” week of arm balance training. This week involves arm balances that require core strength, hip flexibility, and arm strength

These arm balances include positions like: crow pose, lizard pose, tuck holds (lolasana), Eka Pada Koundinyasana (Sage pose)  and others that are the “entry point” to more advanced arm balances.

Week 3: Twisted Arm Balances

Arm Balances, but a little bit twisted

Things begin to turn UP from here! This week, we use our rotational strength (twist) abilities to dive into arm balances that require the ability to engage our side core muscles (obliques). 

This week involves arm balances such as side crow (a popular break-dance movement) as well as 8 angle pose and more!

Week 4: Advanced Arm Balances

Raise the Bar

We raise the bar here even more with the ultimate week on arm balances. These special arm balances require a little more strength, a little more flexibility, and a little more body awareness to master. Poses such as firefly, grasshopper, flying pigeon and more make their appearances this week.

Week 5: Getting Upside Down!

Handstands and forearm stands

Perhaps the most anticipated of this whole program is our week 5! We spend the whole week just on handstands and forearm stands! Expect many drills that build even greater strength and trust in your upper body to master such positions as well as techniques against a wall, how to exit and fall from a handstand, and free-form handstands that will surely give the proper foundation for taking your inversions to the next level

5 Week - Arm Balance Mastery Program - Online Course

Inside these 5 weeks are also these amazing bonuses:

Getting Into Splits

Having the flexibility and strength for splits takes patience and a lot of practice. But it can aid you in so much of your practice. It’s important to have the proper structure and positions that take you the right path towards splits instead of guessing from what we all see online towards getting splits.  Also: being able to do the splits can actually help make some arm balances easier because of the flexibility needed to do some of these positions!

Value - 22 Euros 

2 x Stretch & Relax Yoga  (free) 

The body needs balance. So as we must push ourselves to our limits, we must relax ourselves to the limits as well. 

These two classes are the perfect combination for restoring and rebalancing the body for maximum effect to get the best results out of this arm balance program 

Value - 40 Euros 

choose your image

“Practice Everywhere” PDF (Free)

Sometimes electronics or the internet is just not on our side. As a bonus, you get access to all arm balances as a PDF as well as all strength programming, hip and hamstring programming and rotational strength programming classes. 

Value:  45 Euros 

Joint Health: Hip, Spine, Shoulder, & Wrists! 

Practicing the movements and classes is one thing, making sure that your body is in the right shape to practice is another. Arm Balance mastery has added these  specific class routines to keep your joints open, active, and ready for any training regimen that you wish for, but especially for arm balances. 

Value: 99 Euros

Supportive PRIVATE COMMUNITY!  (Free)

This is where we discuss all things movement and mindset. You will see how other students are progressing, post your own progress, and have a space that will keep you accountable and inspired 

Value: Priceless

5 x Strength, Rotational Strength, and Hip flexibility Programming! (Free)

It’s important to have a solid foundation on which to master arm balances. These exercises give the specific routines needed to prepare the body for arm balance mastery! 

Value : 65 Euros

5 Week - Arm Balance Mastery Program - Online Course


Is the €47 a one time payment or a subscription?

You pay for the Arm Balance Mastery Program only ONE TIME €47 - crazy, right? Normally it costs €129 - so be fast!
Once you bought it - you have it forever.

Do I need any equipment for this program?

This whole program is equipment free, and you will find some helpful hints what you can do with stuff you have at home like towel - books etc. I wanted to make something that you can take with you and practice anytime, anywhere.

I have no experience in Yoga and sports - I'm a beginner.

That's no problem at all - the whole program guides you step by step to the main arm balances - even if you have no experience at all. You will do fine 🙂

5 Week - Arm Balance Mastery Program - Online Course

Here again everything at a glance:

With your purchase, you get life-time access to all 5 weeks of the
"Arm Balance Mastery"

This Is What You're Getting:

5 Week - Arm Balance Mastery Program - Online Course

Training Program (5 weeks) 
Step - by - step training plan for 5 weeks! 
4 x Joint Health programming 
Such as wrist bulletproofing, shoulder health, spine health, and hip and hamstring health
4 x Strength programming routines
Including general and rotational strength for deeper twists with arm balances
1 x Hip & Hamstring flexibility routines
My favorite flexibility drills to train your body for flexibility success! 
25 x Strength & Flexibility Flows for Arm Balances 
Each class follows the path towards 16 specific arm balances! 
Including tutorials for EACH arm balance
Includes handstand drills and forearmstand drills 
Bonus: 2 x stretch and relax yoga
Bonus: Getting into splits 
Bonus: Joint health programming for wrists, hips, shoulders and spine
Bonus: “Practice Everywhere” PDF
Bonus: 5 x Strength, Rotational Strength, and Hip flexibility Programming!
Bonus: Supportive PRIVATE COMMUNITY! 


Today's Price: €47 EUR

This price is a ONE-TIME-ONLY payment & you get to keep the program FOR LIFE.



Today's Price: €47 EUR

This exclusive offer is only available for a short time.


The timer has expired!

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